My name is Julie. And I don’t share. Like, at all.

Seriously. Never ask me to go out for tapas. I’m going to say no because I hate sharing with people, especially when it comes to my food. And no, I’m not an only child. Thankyouverymuch.

safari party safari party favor bags by West Mama, etsy blog,

My lack of sharing almost held me back from telling you about all of the adorable favor bags West Mama Designs. Seriously. Such a find. And I almost didn’t tell you about it. Luckily, I have diarriah of the mouth. Gross Julie. Gross.

party favor bags, set of 6, muslin bags, birthday favor bags, pendant bunting, etsy blog West Mama

And look, PRINTABLE Valentine’s Day cards to hand out. I love when something is printable because it makes me look like I prepared ahead of time.

printable kid valentines cards school valentines set, DIY cards, mini cards, etsy blog

Still looking for ideas? Check these out:

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