My name is Etsy Stalkers and I’m addicted to United States of Tara.

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There, I said it. I love United States of Tara. Everyday I thank the higher powers (otherwise known as the executives at Showtime) for writing and creating such an awesome cast of characters.

Felt Necklace, Lampwork Glass Bead, United States of Tara, etsy blog,

Showtime and I are pretty much a perfect pair. Just like peanut butter & jelly, gin & tonics and Snakes on a Plane (wait, what?) that movie sucked. What’s my point? No point really. Except that I just found my perfect pair when I stumbled upon Deborah Dumka.

Felt Bangle, elt Necklace, Lampwork Glass Bead, United States of Tara, etsy blog,

I mean hellooo? I want these bracelets. I need them. I literally can not live with out them. OK so maybe I can, but I’ll just pretend like I can’t in the hopes that someone will buy it for me. I don’t want to sound presumptuous or anything, but I might just be the next Oscar winner. Or not. Whatever. While I’m sending demands out into the world of what I need, here’s a few more things:

groopdealz; etsy blog,, cactus holder
Adorable home decorations
Hatch Jewelry, exceptional and unique jewelry, etsy blog,
Awesome Jewelry
ModCloth, ModCloth Private Label, etsy blog, free shipping,, valentines day
A new pair of these cute shoes


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