My Foot Itches and My Stomach Hurts

Not a good start to the day. Fortunately, I have Etsy – it never talks back, never makes my stomach hurt and always has something new to offer. It’s my happy place.

Today, etsy made me extra happy when I stumbled upon these adorable piggy banks from from Little Pig Pottery. I heart them so much because you can disguise them as beautiful pieces of art.

In these rough economic times, it’s nice to know that those of us that can’t stop spending, can use our purchases to do a little saving (even if it’s only one penny at a time).

Thank you Little Pig Pottery for really understanding me and my needs. Let’s be friends. No? OK – then I’ll just buy a pig from you.

Speaking of pigs, I’m starving. What does it take to get some food around here?

And in a somewhat-related side note, I read an interesting article this morning about the jobless earning money on etsy. Read it. Or don’t.

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