My face is about to explode into a yellow powdery mess.

The pollen count in Atlanta is currently up to 8 billion and everything has turned yellow (including my kids). I literally had to bathe the yellow off of them last night (which fortunately covered the dirt).
On the bright side, it’s Spring in Atlanta finally! No more shivering at Darren’s baseball games or getting in trouble for forgetting to send Taylor to school in tights.  Yep, it always comes back to me.
Fortunately, Spring also brings the trees and flowers back to life in my backyard (well the ones that I managed not to kill off last year). But given my track record, the survivors will also die a slow death this summer.
With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to flowers that even from Original Abstract Paintings. Wouldn’t these be perfect for Mother’s Day or teacher gifts?
Note to self: keep these flowers away from water because they will in fact die with watering.

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