My eyes just exploded with excitement.

Fortunately, the storms pretty much “blew over” Atlanta (get it, ‘blew over’)? and we were spared the devastation that much of the Southeast endured. Phew. I mean Blew. No wait, I meant Phew.

On a brighter note, it’s Thursday. And not to state the obvious, but that’s the day before Fridayyyyyy. And to top it off, my BFF from college is heading in town with her family at this very moment. I’m pretty much all warm and fuzzy right now, which makes me want to buy these awesome warm and fuzzy rugs from Yummi Shop .

She is also the maker if this awesome clutch. Would it be too much to carry the purse while lying on the rug? Nah, too much of a good thing is never too much.

By the way, back onto the topic of crazy storms, I work with a storm chaser. I’m dying to ask him more questions but mostly I want to find out if he’s ever seen cows flying through the air like in the movie Twister. What, everything I see in movies isn’t real? That’s just crazy talk.

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