My babysitter went to the wrong house. And almost borrowed the wrong car.

So this is hilarious. I had one of Taylors teachers, who’s never babysat for us before, borrow my car to pick the kids up from camp. I figured it was easier than getting the car seats in and out properly. And because Im at work, I just hid the keys in the garage for her.
All was well until the phone rang. Babysitter couldnt find the keys anywhere and asked if they were near the golf clubs. Ummmmm, we dont own any golf clubs. 
She was in the wrong garage. Freaking hilarious.
In the end, all is well and now she really knows where my house is. And just in case she forgets, I plan on giving her a map from Off The Map.
Actually Ill get her a GPS and keep this awesome map art.
You seriously cant make this stuff up.

3 thoughts on “My babysitter went to the wrong house. And almost borrowed the wrong car.”

  • that’s hysterical. i have to tell you a story that’s very similar to this-i do presentations for medical residents (drs in training, so we’re talking super smart here, right?) and we meet in my office. my office doesn’t have a sign, for safety. ahead of time, i describe to them what the office building looks like, and of course i give them the actual number address.

    the day one resident was to meet with me, i got a call from her and she tells me she’s in my office, but the staff has no idea who i am. i said she’s not in the right building, then. she said she’s in a brick building with blue shutters and a blue door, which is how i describe ours. i never said we were the ONLY building that looked like that! lordy, i would have thought common sense would look for the matching number address, not just waltz into any ol’ place?!

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