Monday. Morning. Atlanta. Traffic. Shoot. Me.

My 20-minute commute took me 1.5 hours today. AND, I don’t pass Starbucks until I’m a mile from work. AND, I think I drove past an ex-boyfriend on the highway while I was probably picking my nose. Bloody hell.

So the entire way to work, I kept trying to think happy thoughts. Hommmmmm. Yeah, didn’t work. It’s a good thing I have etsy to pull me out of my funk.

I’ve had my eye on these salt & pepper shakers from Rou Designs for a while and today may have to be the day to order. Have I ever told you that my husband and I collect salt & pepper shakers? Probably not, because it’s totally awkward and weird.

I’m also loving these mini vases, which will be perfect to hold all of the flowers I will be receiving on Valentines Day (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).

By the way, my little girl head butted me and I have a black eye. Monday morning + black eye + no coffee + long commute = excuse to eat brownie for breakfast (hey, I gotta justify it somehow).

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