Mmmwahh. That’s the sound of me doing some major kissing up (for under $20).

Have you ever heard of the site Want Not? Of course you have. Well I not only read her site every day for awesome deals, I also stalk her a little bit too. Like she-may-come-after-me-with-a-restraining-order-but-I-don’t-care sort of stalking.

It turns out that she must not completely hate me because she practically begged for me to guest post over on Want Not today. It was really awkward.

Finally she convinced me to write about my favorite etsy finds for teachers under $20 and I gave in. OK, it was sort of the reverse scenario but I’m not keeping track if you’re not.

So hurry on over and CHECK OUT MY FEATURE. Run along. You can do it.

By the way, if you haven’t entered THE GIVEAWAY, you have until Friday. In order to qualify YOU MUST visit Embroidery Collection, select a favorite and ADD it as a favorite on etsy.

You have many assignments from me today. Can you handle the pressure?

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