Me likey gin and tonic-ey

What is it about gin and tonics that are so summer? They just seem to go together. It’s like raaaaiiiinnnnnn on your wedding day. It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid. OK, I’ll stop singing Alanis morissette now. You should be happy that you can’t actually hear me – it’s not good people. Not good at all. Personalized Reusable Cup Etsy Stalkers
Personalized Cups With Pictures!

Anyhoooo, back to what’s important around here, and that’s gin.  I’ve been on the hunt for some cute plastic tumblers to drink from at our pool. Apparently it’s not safe to have glass in an area where kids are running around without shoes. Who knew? That’s why I’m super psyched I stumbled on these cups. Not only am I a fan of how they look, I also like how large they are. Big cup = less trips to the bottle of gin. Me likey. Personalized Reusable Cup Etsy Stalkers
Personalized Reusable Drink Cup with Monogram Personalized Reusable Cup Etsy Stalkers
Choose your colors!
Personalized Executive Travel Tumblers








And just in case you’re still looking for more monogrammed ideas, check out some of my favorites!

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