Lookie Looo – It’s Taylor Made Tuesday!

OK, I’m psyched to show you the addition to Taylor’s room today. I sort of think that it brings the entire room together with it’s awesomeness. Remember last week when I revealed the bench I had refinished? Of course you do. Well this week, I’m super psyched to show you the bench pillow made for it by Hearth and Home.

Seriously, how perfect does this look? And it matches the curtains – like exactly. Hearth and Home was such a pleasure to work with and even gave me suggestions like adding the lavender piping on the edges. I highly suggest checking out her shop. She’s mucho talented AND she also makes throw pillows.

We all know how I feel about throw pillows.

Taylor’s room is just about done!!!!

And now I’d like to introduce Kelsi Wilson who created an amazing personalized piece just for Tay-Tay that will be revealed next Tuesday.

This is going to be good. Real good.

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