Look at me, I’m a total do-gooder.

Today was volunteer day at my office and we had the opportunity to freshen up a facility that houses previously homeless families. It’s wonderful because it’s not just a place to stay, but also helps get parents back on their feet by providing after-school care, a computer center and more.

I hope they don’t mind but I may or may not have painted a door shut by accident. I mean really, they should know better than to give a paintbrush to a writer. I tried, I really did but more painted ended up on me than the walls.

In order to reward myself for being such a do gooder, I’m going to have to shop. And while this may be random, I really, really want these paper straws from Decadent Designs. Really.

Seriously peeps, how cute are these for a partayyyy? They’re absolutely perfect for maximum gin and tonic intake (kidding mom).

Now I must go rest because painting doors shut is a lot of freaking work.

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