Little did I know, I should have been aware of the Ides of March

Yesterday marked a big change in my career, and therefore in my life. And while I typically fear change, I’m truly excited to start my new chapter. Drum roll please…I’m now officially a freelance writer (as opposed to writing for the company I’ve been at for five years). What does this mean for you? Nothing really. Except that I will gladly accept checks and money orders just for being me. Seriously. You guys all owe me money. Pay up.

Truth be told, change does make me nervous, so I went on the hunt for something calming and stumbled up these signs from The Keep Calm Shop. There are seriously so many clever ones, that it was hard for me to choose.

OK, I gotta get back to sitting on my couch in my comfy pants. Clothes with zippers and buttons can be so constricting, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Little did I know, I should have been aware of the Ides of March”

  • LOVE THESE- I have a reproduction of the Original from WWII- Keep Calm and Carry On in my office at work! I always look at it when things seem to be at their worst! 🙂

  • Well dang. I was going to ask you to be a guest blogger and offer you a trade of some sort…but now you’ve gone and gotten all fancy schmancy on me. I….I don’t have the money. But…I can get it…just give me another week!

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