Let’s talk Halloween.


Hedwig Costume | $80
How many costumes have you bought for your kids so far? My friend KAREN just emailed me that she’s on #3 for her adorable son (who can’t even talk yet so it’s obviously her issue 😉
She also emailed me a link to a menorah she wants to buy from Etsy and she’s not even Jewish so she may want to lay off the Friday night vino if you know what I mean.

–> Sleepy Owl Set | $34

Fortunately The Happy Hoot has tons of adorable costumes to choose from, making it easy to be as indecisive as KAREN.
My kids are the red and green Ninjagos. It’s kind of awesome having a tomboy daughter. What are your kids going to be? Are you dressing up?

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  • I stumbled upon your blog the other day and I can’t wait until you get reuglar internet back so you can get back to your blog posts. This has quickly become one of my favorite blogs to read!

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