Let’s discuss how much Jesse Pinkman loves me, OK?

Spoiler alert for Breaking Bad. If you’re one of those who haven’t watched yet then you’ll want to exit the blog now.
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OK, let’s discuss. Personally I felt extremely satisfied by the series ending last night. Loose ends were nicely tied. Walt went out on his terms and Jesse’s face was healing nicely. Although I’m a bit disappointed that they cut out the final scene where Jesse Pinkman drives straight to my house and professes his love to me. What?
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Obviously I’m super sad that the show has come to an end but can’t help but notice there’s now an opening for a drug lord in the Southwest region of the United States.  While I’m not sure I have the right qualifications, I do recommend ordering a miniature chemistry set from Kiva Ford to get started in the industry.
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Now I must get back to tending to Jesse’s wounds and avoiding Stevia. What did ya’ll think of the ending?

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