Lessons I’ve learned from being a mom (thus far).

Get ready for Fall

· Kids love going to Petsmart just as much as the Zoo. Save your $$$ (but don’t come home with a cat. Or a fish. Or a bird.)

· Your child will always pick the longest book on the bookshelf for a nighttime story. You can hide the book or accidently throw it away, but it always reappears. At bedtime. When you’re exhausted.

· Don’t waste your money on a chair that says Time Out. If they’re in it, they most likely can’t read it.

· Playdough is the devil reincarnated into a rainbow of colors that stick to everything, everywhere.

Tropical Blues

· You will in fact turn into your mother, who in fact turned into her mother.

· The contents of your child’s lunchbox will look infinitely different on the last day of school vs. the first day.

· You will spend more time pinning projects on Pinterest than doing any of them.

Pillow Love

· You actually do feel your kids’ happiness and sadness.

· You can never have enough throw pillows (especially when they are hand printed by giardino). They’re perfect for decorating, fort making, pillow fights, and safety

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