Last night I had a dream (nightmare) that my mom had a baby.


It was a boy and while I can’t remember the name, I do remember being shocked because it was non-traditional one. She’s very into the traditional names (I secretly think she hated the name Taylor when she first heard it.)
I also remember asking why I didn’t know she was preggo? She responded, “I don’t really show during pregnancies.”  Ughhh. Of course not.
I’m thinking I had this dream (nightmare) because I have a handful of friends reproducing for a THIRD time.
Better them than me ( I mean, yay for them!)
Buying a gift for a third child has proven to be difficult because they need nothing and I feel fairly confident that the oldest child will primarily turn into the caregiver. That’s what happens with a third child, right?


Well today’s your lucky day because I found the perfect “my friend is having a third child and I have no idea what to give her” gift from Personalize It Baby.


“No pressure third baby but the only way we can afford to keep you around is if you go to med school.”
By the way, would it be strange if I bought one of these in my size to wear? It just looks so comfy cozy.

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