Last night I dreamt someone gave us a horse. And we couldn’t get rid of it.

Seriously, I even posted on Facebook and there were no takers. I mean who wouldn’t want a horse in their back yard.I actually told Darren about the dream on the way to school this morning and for one split second I could see it in his eyes, “We got a pony!” Yeah, not so much.
I have no idea where that dream came from, but what I really don’t understand is why I don’t already own one of these awesome burlap banners from Wink and a Smile.
Totally adorbz, right? I need one for every season.
Totally unrelated, but one of the (many) bloggers I stalk posted her take on Crossfit (my latest obsession) today and it’s very well spoken. Or read. Or whatever. Shut up and read it.

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