Last night I did the hug and roll off of Taylor’s bed and then army crawled out of her room.

I so wish I was exaggerating, but she literally freaks every time I try to leave her room at night. It took some time, but I’ve finally accepted that I’ve become a rolling, crawling fool.
Hey, I do what it takes.
In order to wipe the embarrassment away, I’m going to buy some awesome linen napkins from Lavish Season. I figure I can also use them to wipe the floor as I crawl out of Taylor’s room every night.
By the way, if someone can please explain to me how to get Taylor to sleep without an awkward exit, now would be the time to tell me. 
Actually, 2.5 years ago would of been a good time.

6 thoughts on “Last night I did the hug and roll off of Taylor’s bed and then army crawled out of her room.”

  • I hid in my son’s closet until I was SURE he had given up and gone to sleep (approximately one hour); however,
    when I s-l-o-w-l-y opened the closet door to sneak out, there he was, standing at the end of his crib, grinning and non-verbally saying, “What an idiot my mom is.”

  • No sneaking, no crawling out, just walking out with your dignity. No child wants to go to sleep and miss staying up with mama and daddy. You are the adult, and you put her in her bed and do not allow her to follow you out under any circumstance; she needs to stay in her bed; even if she cries for hours; she will eventually fall asleep and understand bedtime means just that, bed time. This isn’t harsh or cruel; as the mama you are setting the rules and perimeters; that’s loving our children.

  • Get the book “Sleep Easy Solution”…step by step instructions. It is great and helps to ease guilt.
    Love your blog!

  • Thanks for all of the tips! I’m going to check out that book. I’ve actually been to a live seminar with ‘Moms on Call’ and I followed everything they said to a T. She’s a tough cookie!

  • I used to lay under Lainey’s crib forever until she’d finally lay down bc I wasn’t fast enough to get out of the room before she saw me. Drat!

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