Labor Day is here (yay) and summer is over (boo). Check out the 10 things I will miss the most about summer:

(1) Seeing water park groupies up close and personal (especially at the Blue Bayeou Dixing Landing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana according to my coworker).

(2) Putting on and taking off skinny jeans in 100% humidity. Not awkward at all.

(3) My hair. Oh good gawd, my fro is amazing in the summer.

(4) My hot pink cast. Nothing says summer like tearing two ligaments and getting to hobble around in the 95 degree heat.

(5) Dressing for winter because my office remains around 43 degrees all year round.

(6 ) Doing the Macarena dance. What, what?

(7) Pit stains and swamp ass.

(8) Burning myself on my seat belt every. single. day. Always fun.

(9) The excitement of dodging West Nile.

(10) Used pool Band-Aids. Yummm.

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