Just because I don’t do dishes, doesn’t mean I can’t love pretty dishtowels

So yesterday I took a few minutes and stepped inside my mecca, otherwise know as Anthropologie, for a little creative inspiration (at least that’s what I’ll tell the hubby when he sees the credit card bill.) I stumbled upon some amazing dishtowels that were, well, way out of my price range. For some reason I can’t justify spending $20 on one dishtowel.

So instead of feeling depressed and poor, I jumped over to etsy to see what I could find. Lo and behold, I found some amazing and affordable towels from Damen + Roscoe. Best of all, they are handmade. I love that I’m supporting a person, rather than a corporation. Well, I’ll always support you Anthropologie. Always.

If you think these dishtowels are too pretty to use, you’re right. And that’s exactly what I’ll tell my husband to get out of doing the dishes.

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