I’ve reached a totally new level of lame (as if that was even possible)

So my friend I just devised this ridiculous plan that we are all dorked out about. We are meeting at the local grocery store that has a Starbucks inside of it, getting lattes, and will then proceed to leisurely grocery shop with our coupons together. And this is what we consider an awesome Sunday. Oh boy, how times have changed.

So in honor of groceries, today I bring you (drumroll please) reusable sandwich and snack bags from Bag It Conscious.

These are great for all of you out there that go through about 50 million plastic snack bags a week. Patchouli wearing hippies like them too.

I’m off to “run into” my friend. I’ll be back home in about 4 hours – just in time to tuck the kids in for the night.

1 thought on “I’ve reached a totally new level of lame (as if that was even possible)”

  • Thanks Etsystalker, I was looking for these. I once had a friend who told me that she used to hide in the bathroom for some alone time from the kids, so I think the grocery store/Starbucks is a much better option!

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