I’ve heard the word poop about 334 times today.

And of course fart.
Darren had a play date over this morning and they were really into poop talk. What is it about boys and their potty words? Here’s the secret formula—replace any word with poop or fart and it’s automatically funny.
And my secret formula for ignoring the potty talk? Purchasing awesome jewelry from The Urban Lady. How could this bracelet not take my mind off a couple of five-year-old boys? Can I get a big round of farts for today’s Etsy find? (Works Every. Single. Time.) And of course, here are some other awesome bracelets for your shopping pleasure 🙂


Amazon.com Betsey Johnson "Blue & Rose Gold Boost" Heart and Bow Faux Leather Bracelet

Amazon.com Trendy Black Leather Wrap Bracelet with Gold Tone Crystal Accented Disks

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