I’ve got a (wo)man cold

OK people, now that the excitement over the giveaway has died down, let’s bring the focus back to me. I’m sick and I feel like crapola. The upside? My voice is super sultry just in time for Valentine’s Day.

In order for me to spread the love, instead of the germs, I found these super cute pocket tissue cases from Sew Gracious. These make me feel pretty even when 10 gallons of green goop is coming out of my nose. What? TMI?

So what is everyone doing for Valentine’s Day? I’ll be singing some Bob Dylan to the hubby with my super sexy voice. I’m sure he’s too excited to contain himself.

P.S Have you ever seen the Man Cold video? Go to youtube to find it – seriously so funny and so true.

1 thought on “I’ve got a (wo)man cold”

  • I LOVE the Man Cold commercial!

    Sorry you have a Wo(man) cold, but I’m glad you like my tissue covers! Your way with words is funny and I hope that you don’t sound quite like Bob Dylan did last night!

    Thanks so much for the shoutout!

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