It’s Taylor Made Tuesday – on Wednesday. How’s that for a cliff hanger?

I honestly don’t know what happened yesterday – the day just got away from me. I wish I could say that I was busy writing my first novel, going to boot camp and cooking wholesome food all day. But no, none of that happened.

I was lazy people. L.A.Z.Y.

Minted Princess Suite Room Decor Signs Etsy Stalkers
Great Alternative | Minted Princess Suite Room Decor Signs 

Beau-Coup personalized-family-tree-throw-pillow-Etsy Stalkers
Great Alternative | Beau-Coup Personalized Family Tree Throw Pillow

Fortunately, etsy is full of non-lazy people to make up for my behavior. Today I’m especially thankful for Kelsi Wilson, who made this adorable pillow for Taylor.

I mean duh. Who else would it be for?

She was awesome to work with and really went above and beyond coming up with this FINAL touch for Taylor’s room. Oh yeah, you heard that right. The FINAL touch.

Can you believe Taylor Made Tuesdays have come to an end? Me either. Booo hooo. I totally appreciate all of the wonderful shops that participated and those of you who have stalked along with me.
Thanks again to the sponsors of Taylor Made:
Live Designerly
Old Barn Rescue Company
Jennifer Farley Designs
MB Art Studios
Joshua by Oak
Sew Crafty Décor
Lovely Home Idea
Rock Paper Stitch
KFD Design
Hearth and Home
Kelsi Wilson

I’m tempted to do another room. Thoughts? Opinions?

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