It’s Taylor Made Tuesday (featuring my hubby in a speedo)

You guys are seriously sick. Do you really think he would pose in a speedo? While I did try, he got all bashful and kept his clothes on this week.*

Anyway, back to Taylor’s room. It’s really coming together and is about to become my absolute favorite place in the house (not that there’s much competition).

You probably remember that last week I revealed amazing decals Old Barn Rescue Company. Well let me just tell you something, these decals freaking rule.

We thought a lot about how they would be laid out on the wall, and went with the simple approach of two vertical lines. They went up easily and they seriously look like they were hand painted on.

To be honest, I’ve now developed a decal fetish and will be hanging them in every room of my home. Trust me, once you go decal you never go back (heyooooo).

And there they be in all of their glory.

If you happen to be staring at your walls wondering how to pretty them up without spending a lot, head to Old Barn Rescue Company and get some decals. You won’t be sorry, for realz.

And now onto this week’s shop sponsorship. Please welcome Jenifer Farley Designs. She is donating an AMAZING set of curtains for Taylor’s room and has been nothing but a pleasure to work with so far.

They are going to look sort of like this pillow – but will be curtains. Duh.

Seriously, screw Pottery Barn (currently changing locations so lightening doesn’t strike) and go the handmade route. I CAN’T WAIT to show you the curtains hanging all perrrrty next week. Now go and shop for curtains and throw pillows for your home. Go, go, go.

*Please note: the hubby does not actually own a speedo.

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