It’s Taylor Made Tuesday – but you already knew that, right? Of course you did.

Remember when I introduced you to Joshua by Oak last week? Well guess what – now I get to show you what was created just for Taylor.

You see these bookends? They say Sugar and Spice and are in a perfect pink for any little girl’s room. I love, love, love them and not just because I like to eat sugar and spices so much.

These are absolutely perfect for Taylor because reading just happens to be one of her favorite activities (no thanks to me forgetting to read to her the first year of her life – ooops).

More into sleeping than reading? Me too. Fortunately Joshua by Oak also makes some super sassy yet classy pillows. So if you’re not classy or sassy, these are not for you.

In conclusion, you should really, really go shopping now. Or at least go browsing with the intent to buy.

And now it’s time for this week’s big etsy shop reveal – drumroll please…
Please welcome Lovely Home Idea – creator of gorgeous bedding and home decor. I am so freaking lucky that she sent Taylor the most beautiful sheets like ever. Of course now I’m trying to figure out why Taylor’s room is way nicer than mine.

Stay tuned to see Taylor’s new beautiful sheets next week and to see if I can convince her to trade rooms with me.

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