It’s official, my mom is a towel hoarder. Hi mom.

We’re still staying at my parent’s house until our renovation ends and I couldn’t help but notice that the amount of towels here amazes and confuses me.

I literally counted 127 towels in one linen closet. And each one on perfectly folded. There are two people that live in their house and 127 towels.  

I’m thinking that instead of more towels, they should invest in some yummy smelling sachets from Cecil and Clyde. They’ll probably need a bunch of these to keep all 127 towels smelling super fresh.

And while they’re at it, they should buy some sachets for my kids’ rooms. Because they’re cute (both the kids and the sachets).
Now I’m off to shower since I never seem to get around to them during long weekends. Gross Julie. Just gross.

*Update: my parents now only own 126 towels. Darren had to bring in objects of various textures into school today and I figured they could spare one. Hi mom.

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