It’s official, I’m installing a beach in my backyard. It’s going right next to my imaginary vegetable garden.

Because I have no job (and no life for that matter), I decided to pack up my kids and head to my parent’s house in Hilton Head. I’m basically a super mom for taking a 5.5 hour solo road trip with two kids and no dvd. Yeah, we’re totally old school.

Fortunately we made it here in one piece (although I do think I left my sanity somewhere back on I-95).

The good news is that my daughter is OBSESSED with the beach. She literally sat for over an hour digging (although some may classify it as eating) the sand. This is the same girl that has never stayed in one place for more than five minutes before (oh, how I wish I was exaggerating).

Of course I can’t have a backyard beach without hooded beach towels, which is why I’m super happy I stumbled upon Savvy Baby Goodies. Seriously, how else am I supposed to keep the sand out of all of her crevices?

OK, all of this beach talk has made me hungry. Must be all of that exercise I’ve been doing – you know flipping over from stomach to back to make sure my tan is even. Sometimes I even stand up to make sure my kids are less than a mile from me. Hey, what can I say, our family motto is “safety first”.

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