It’s official. I’m a suburban housewife. I went speed walking with two neighbors last night.

My, my, how times have changed. Next thing you know I’ll be wearing a shirt with built-in reflectors so cars can see me in the dark. And maybe I’ll even throw a fanny pack into the mix. Or, maybe not.

Of course after my speed walk, I insisted on rewarding myself with a big old glass of wine. So nice of me, right? It was then that yet another brilliant idea hit me – I’m going to give my neighbor one of these awesome wine stoppers from
Trevino Blanquet Glass Art as a thank you for getting me off my butt. Counterproductive? Me thinks not.

Seriously, these glass blown bottle stoppers are perfect. Unless of course your home is like mine and wine doesn’t last long enough to warrant a stopper.

OK, I’m off to go check the mail in my bathrobe. I kid, I kid.

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