It’s official. I have time change jet lag.

My husband makes fun of me every year because it takes a full week to adjust. Every conversation revolves around, “Do you mean 2PM oldtime or new time?”
I just don’t get the need for a time change twice a year. If you ask me, Indiana and Arizona have it right by not observing Day Lights Savings. Indiana and Arizona for president!
Since I stare at my clock so much, I’ve now realized I hate the one I own and need to purchase a new one from stuff made from stuff (which may be the best Etsy shop name ever).
If the name didn’t explain it (or you are still sleeping because time changes confuse you too), these clocks are made from things like record players, bike wheels and movie reels.  
Jeez, what will they think of next? I’m hoping it has something to do with inventing a coffee IV drip. What?

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