It’s Freaking Passover People!

Not to point any fingers (except maybe my middle one) but I can’t help but notice that many of you have not voted for me to become the next editor of hopscout. Don’t worry though, you have until Friday and I’m totally going to bug you all week. Hey, it’s what I do.


Anyhoo, we’re back from the amazing North Georgia Mountains and it was picture-perfect. We had great weather, lots of laughs and plenty of good wine. Oh, and sleep. Lots and lots of delicious sleep.

In case you weren’t aware, today marks to first day of Passover for all of my Jewish friends and family. In honor of our holiday, I present to you (drumroll please) Israeli jewelry from Jester Jewelry.

Don’t worry, you totally don’t have to be Jewish to buy this. Really. Israel is a country of many religions.

By the way, my friend mentioned that I’m better on my blog than in real life. Thanks Lori, thanks a lot. Maybe I won’t be your friend in real life anymore. Just kidding, be my friend. As evident by my lack of votes, I don’t have many to spare.

2 thoughts on “It’s Freaking Passover People!”

  • thanks so much for featuring me – and you’re absolutely right, you don’t have to be Jewish to wear these 🙂 Wishing you all a happy Spring holiday (there are several to choose from!) and a great week!

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