It’s Ash Wednesday, which means it’s the first day of Jewish Lent for me.

Yes it’s a real holiday. I know because I invented it last year. You can read all about 2012’s Jewish Lent right here. I tried to give up complaining, but you know. It was tooooo harddddd. So this year I decided to give up something equally as vague—I’m no longer going to give in.

etsy blog, jewish lent, dolen geiman,, easter, EXAMPLES:

Children, “Buy me this. Get me that. Feed me dinner. Brush my hair.”
Husband, “Be nice to me. Don’t create a tornado in the closet.”
Cat, “Change my litter. Give me fresh water.”
Dog, “Let me outside. Rub my belly.”
Ugh so demanding.

I of course will not deprive myself of anything because that’s not the point of Jewish Lent (that’s how it differs from just Christian Lent). This enables me to purchasing art from Dolen Geiman. If my kids want some art I’m prepared to say “no”. If my dog wants a self portrait the answer is, “nope.”

Jewish Lent will not be easy (except for me of course). By the way, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow so you should get on it.


1 thought on “It’s Ash Wednesday, which means it’s the first day of Jewish Lent for me.”

  • Hello Stalker Julie!!!
    Such a treat being featured on your blog, hope you’ve enjoyed Jewish Lent!!!
    Thanks again and keep in touch!
    All best,
    Dolan & Ali Marie Geiman

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