It’s a good thing my daughter is so cute, otherwise I’d trade her in for a sleeper.

I need advice people. My 16-month old doesn’t sleep past 6:00am. Like ever. Of course we’ve tried keeping her up late but that never works. Last night we even tried putting her to bed earlier than normal (6:45 people) because we heard that reverse psychology sometimes works. No such luck. The cutie patutie was up at 5:30. Boo. Hiss.

So in my extra hours of awakeness, I went on a shopping spree of course! And lucky for you I found these beautiful handmade placeholders, fortune cookies and cake toppers from Imeaon Design.

These make me want to plan a party just to buy these. Or how about this idea? You plan a party and invite me. Deal.

OK, I’m off to put insert my IV of caffeine so I can make it through the day. And if any of you have suggestions on getting my delicious blue-eyed baby to sleep in, I welcome any suggestions, tips and offers to have her sleep over.

1 thought on “It’s a good thing my daughter is so cute, otherwise I’d trade her in for a sleeper.”

  • Thank you ever so much for the feature Julie, this is so sweet!

    I’d like to offer a discount to all your readers, enter “THANKS32411” in the coupon code area until the end of April!

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