It’s a beautiful day to be underemployed

I’m totally digging my new corner-couch office on the patio. Me thinks I could get very used to this. Of course of all this time spent on my patio has opened my eyes to all the work that needs to get done in my backyard. Between me and you, it’s a lot. Like a lot, a lot.

It’s a good thing that Pigeon Toe Ceramics really understands my needs. I mean hellllloooo…of course I need new vases.

And how could I have survived without these ceramic lemonade (otherwise known as gin and tonic) glasses.

And surely I can’t host my first office (patio) party without this string of lights. Seriously people. Have I been living in a cave? Technically, I have been living in a cubicle, so I guess that counts.

As a side note, the birds in my backyard are incredibly loud and intrusive – acting like they own the place or something. How can I possibly get any work done? Oh wait. I have no work to get done. Note to self, get some work.

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