Is it strange that being back from Key West has made me physically sick?

Seriously, I’ve felt not right all day. I think it’s because I’m not at the pool, drinking pina coladas before getting a massage. In fact, I’m doing the exact opposite. Lame.

Fortunately for you, back to reality means back to etsy. And because the only shopping I encountered while in Key West were tacky t-shirts with inappropriate sayings (that made me giggle), I’m back to etsy with a vengeance.

I’d like to introduce you all to the awesomeness that is Paulova Ceramics. Let’s say for example that you are growing an herb garden that hasn’t yet failed. Go ahead and purchase these awesome ceramic labels. Hey, when the herbs die, at least you’ll still have some color in your garden.

And if herbing isn’t your thing, try seasoning your store bought groceries with salt and pepper. And if eating isn’t your thing, well then, we have nothing in common.

You now only have 24 more hours to enter this week’s GIVEAWAY. What are you waiting for people?!

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