Is it still cold where you live? Too bad, so sad.

While the weather is pretty much perfect today in Atlanta, I know not everyone can be as lucky as me (don’t worry though, you’ll have all summer to laugh at me as I sweat through the unbearable humidity that leaves me with horrible hair.) And even thought I can’t really relate, I do understand that some poor souls may actually still be wearing hats and gloves.

So today, I give all you cold folks cutie patutie hats from Petite Tuques .

Is it me or can you totally see this kid as a snow-boarding hipster in about 10 years?

I can’t decide which I want more, the hat or the baby. Come to think of it, does etsy sell babies? Technically, they are handmade. Hellloooo – I just thought of my next (and by next, I mean first) million dollar idea.

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