Is it just me or do cops in pickup trucks not seem like real cops?*

Like are those real cop cars? Do they put criminals in the70-501 flat beds in back? Is that even legal? And I’d like to point out that just because someone is a criminal doesn’t mean they deserve windblown hair. Handcuffs and crazy hair are
P2020-014not a good look.

In order to tame the tresses, I’m thinking that pickup truck cops need to hand out these ponytail hair ties from Lizzie Starr.

Apparently these are all the rage out in LA and other fashionable places that I never get to visit.

In conclusion, if you want to be cool and popular or if you plan on getting arrested by a pickup truck copy, you need to buy these.

Note to self: don’t become a motivational speaker for teenage girls.

*Please don’t arrest me.

2 thoughts on “Is it just me or do cops in pickup trucks not seem like real cops?*”

  • Not only do I LOVE your blog, but I love the products you feature! Decided to try these out because you mentioned them today. Thanks!

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