I’m Tired So I’ll Make This Short And Sweet (Yummm…Sweets)

In honor of my favorite (and only) nephew’s birthday today, my son and I decided to make our own wrapping paper. It was actually a lot of fun for both of us (not really sure what that says about my maturity level though).

I then got to thinking if my 3-year-old can make wrapping paper, I bet some of those clever etsy folks can too. And of course I was right (as I always am).
Check out these gift boxes from from The Weeping Willows. This is the perfect wrapping for the person in your life that always gets lost. Insert husband joke here.

So while I highly encourage you to make your own gift wrapping with your kids, I also understand reality of having no time.

The Weeping Willows is the next best option and infinitely cooler than anything you’ll find at Hallmark.

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