I’m still easing into my day. Get off my back people.

I’m going to start working now. OK now.

So every day when we pull up to my house after work, my son screams, “Let’s see if I got any mail today!” And since no one writes letters anymore, I try to pass off catalogs as his mail. Yeah, he’s not that dumb. Except for when the Great American Cookie Company catalog arrived. He totally thought that was for him and picked out something he wanted on every page.

So the other day, I tried to explain the concept of a pen pal to him. “First you send a letter to one of your friends. He receives it, writes you back and voila, you have mail!” He seems interested in this crazy concept so I’m going with it. And I just found the cutest rubber stamps for our project from Note Trunk.

I’m totally going to have one made for my son so he can stamp his name on the envelope. Although he’ll probably try to stamp it on my daughter’s head instead. Whatever. It will keep him busy for a few minutes, so I see it as a win.

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