I’m sorry, but I simply cannot relate to the show “I didn’t know I was pregnant”

Seriously people, how is that even possible? Have you ever been prego? You’d know, trust me. There is bulging and stretching and vomiting and well some other things that shall not be talked about by yours truly. But seriously people, you just know. With that being said, I can’t get enough of the show.

Just in case you happen to discover you’re pregnant before seeing a foot come out, you’ll want to get your hands on these practical yet adorable laminated fabrics from Laminated.

Yes, you heard (read, whatever) that right, these gorgeous fabrics are laminated, which makes them wipeable AND washable. Can I get a what whaaaat?

You can use this fabric to make a pretty diaper bag OR to recover kitchen chairs – which will come in especially handy if you don’t know you’re pregnant and end up giving birth on them.

Yes, I just went there.

11 thoughts on “I’m sorry, but I simply cannot relate to the show “I didn’t know I was pregnant””

  • But I thought I was just getting fat. And suffering from food poisoning. And maybe menopause had hit early. LOL Yep, it IS a little unbelievable! 😀

  • As a 44 yr old expecting mum, with gestational diabetes (frequent blood sugar checks, lots of dr. appointments,) pain in my back when I stand, difficulty with stairs, and the fear of my impending c-section (done it before, still scared) the idea of simply having a baby pop out like toast at the 40th week is kinda like a fairy tale. It’s nice to imagine just accidentally having babies. Oops – well what do you know, a pretty baby. It’s also amazing that they all turn out healthy, rather than with fetal alcohol syndrome, etc. and the mum dying of preeclampsia.

  • Found you from Honey I’m Home and I totally agree. How do you not KNOW? I mean, you can FEEL the baby moving around in you. That’s not gas people. Although, I want to know how these people only gain like 10 lbs during their pregnancy? When my pregnancy test turned positive I’m fairly certain I gained 10 lbs on that alone! Love the laminated fabric! So many possibilities!

  • So true!!!! I have always had this though when I see that show, really, how can you not know!! I found you via Honey We’re Home, so glad you guess posted over there! You are a HOOT!!!

  • I was JUST saying that the other day while watching that show! The narrator kept making excuses like “she had had cysts before” or “she thought they were cramps from working out” but no one ever addresses the question “How many periods do you need to miss to take a pregnancy test?!?!” Ugh I don’t get it either- I knew at 8 days!

  • While I did not go long, I was over 4 months preggo before I found out at my yearly exam (“honey, you are pregnant, we are going to go ahead and stop the exam now”. wait, what?!).

    To be fair, my previously totally unreliable period (meaning I would skip as much as have) very consistently showed up those 4 months. So I was totally blindsided.

    I did know someone years ago who said she didn’t know until the 8th month, having had a period until then (although who really knows-she was young, she could have lied). But she never looked pregnant–just that she had gained a few pounds. And if you are having a period, most would never think it was possible.

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