I’m so cold. Where’s my Snuggie when I need it?

I know, I must be a pleasure to live with. I rarely complain at all. Ahem. But, it is cold up in here and me no likey.

Since it’s probably inappropriate to wear my Snuggie to work (although I have done it before), I’m thinking I should invest in a new coat, which of course means that I need a new coat rack from Studio Liscious.

I also need this cake stand. Like how my mind justifies shopping? It’s a gift (pun totally intended).

While I’m at it, I totally need this rad birdhouse. Even thought it’s better suited for the uptown bird, I think it will fit in nicely in suburbia. And if the birds don’t like it, well then they are stupid.

I know, I’m a total pleasure to be with, right?

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