I’m pre-partying for my son’s four-year-old birthday party. Is that wrong?

My son turns four in a couple of months – I know, I know, you’re probably wondering how I could possibly look so good and be old enough to have two kids. It’s a gift I tell ya.

I’m struggling on themes over here. Because he’s four, he basically changes his mind every 30 seconds. Yesterday he was into Buzz Light Year and today he’s a superhero! I guess indecisiveness runs in the family – helllllooo switching my major five times in college.

Anyhoo, one thing I know he’ll love are these awesome favor toppers from Simple Tastes. I mean seriously, how cute are these?

I think my best shot at getting it right is to order them all, that way no matter what he’s into, I’ll have the appropriate theme on hand.

By the way, I think ALL of my clothes shrunk in the dryer. Otherwise there would be absolutely no explanation as to why they are so tight on me. Personally, I blame it on the vegetable garden for not growing overnight. Without it, I’m left to eat processed foods. Ahem.

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