I’m overwhelmed people. Send help.

Both of my kids have been with a nanny like, forever. And next week that’s all about to change as they head off to school. Two
http://www.examtrue.com different schools. So not only am I overwhelmed of the thought of my babies growing up. I’m also just plain overwhelmed.

I mean really, how am I supposed to keep up with everything?

It’s also no help at all that my sister wife is still on bedrest. OK, I don’t really have a sister wife, but she is great with my kids.

Anyhooo, until my pretend sister wife gets off of bedrest, I guess I’ll have to stay organized on my own. Lame. Boy am I glad I found these chalkboard wall decals from Cano Designs.

I’m thinking this is a calendar I can’t misplace. Although with me, anything really is possible—my grandmother used to say that I would never get lost because I made
topjacketsoutlet.ca a trail behind me everywhere I go. Wise woman.

By the way, we are so super close to hitting 1,000 LIKES ON FACEBOOK. Super duper close. And I think you know what that means. Or at least I think you do.

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