I’m in one state and my kids are in another one. Brag.

I’m not making a metaphorical ‘state of mind’ reference. My kids are actually in a different state than me!  It’s the second annual Camp Grandma and Pappa going on right now, which means my husband and I are in Georgia while the kids are with them in South Carolina. It’s only the second day of our stay-cation but I’ve learned and accomplished so much already:

    • It only takes 10 minutes to clean out a refrigerator and freezer when no kids are there pulling food out and claiming they’re ‘saving their half-eaten popsicle from last month for later’.
Zoku Slow Pops, popsicle molds, summer 2014, summer activities with kids, etsy blog
Zoku Slow Pops
    • I don’t have to yell at my husband to sit down at the dinner table because he actually sits and eats without asking what’s for dessert. He’s good like that.
    •  When my boss asks if I can stay past 3PM for a meeting, I don’t have to call in 50 favors trying to figure out who can watch my kids.
    • We get to enjoy wine with dinner as opposed to whine. I’ll have seconds of that, thankyouverymuch.

etsy blog, amazon.com, Acrylic Wine Tumblers, plastic wine cup

  • There’s enough time in the day to bring my car into the dealer so they can take off the driver-side panel to remove the wad of gum my kids somehow managed to stuff in there. The guy who inspected my car said he’s never seen anything like it. Awesome.
  • I had the opportunity to walk into a clothing store for no reason at all. I just walked around. By myself. And I never even peeked into the children’s department.
  • I have even MORE time do some Etsy stalking for items like these:
24K necklace, long gold chain, etsy blog, etsystalkers.com, Wild Air Co
24K Gold Edged Gray Druzy Necklace

 coach store locator

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Rope Bracelet
Geometric Decorative Pillow, Modern Kids Pillows, Orange Teen Pillow, Nursery Pillow, Throw Pillow, etsystalkers.com, etsy, lovejoycreate
Geometric Decorative Pillow

Stay tuned for new developments over the coming week. I’m thinking of going to our neighborhood pool ALONE. I’ve lived in our house for six years and have yet to experience alone time at the pool. Cliff hanger, I know…

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