I’m going out. At night. Without my kids. Jealous much?

Guess whom I get to stalk tonight? The one and only Chelsea Handler! She’s pretty much the funniest person I don’t know and I’m super psyched to go stalk her. The hubby got us tickets for my birthday which is rapidly approaching next week (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) – yayyyy hubby!

Since Chelsea is a drunk just like me (kidding mom), I thought it would be only appropriate to feature these awesome wine bags from Since Sass. And of course Chelsea is appropriately performing in an outdoor venue where people are encouraged to bring their own food/drinks. Love how that lady thinks.

Isn’t this just the perfect gift for the wino that has everything?

By the way, the K-9 dog barked at me again today as I walked to the office. Has someone planted drugs on me without me knowing?

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