I’m drawing a blank today. I’ve got nothing.

Hi. Hello. Hola. For some reason I really have nothing going on in my head today. It’s like total crickets up there. No voices telling me what to or anything. Pretty lame, right?!

Because I’ve got nothing, I’ve decided to bring you lots of awesome somethings from Hoganfe.

Aren’t these the cutest bridesmade’s gifts you’ve ever seen? For realz people.

By they way, I’m not sure if I mentioned before that I need you (every single one of you) to VOTE FOR ME HERE.

Wondering what I’ll win?

• I’ll get paid to write their daily deals posts
• A one-week family vacation per year
• Stock in the company
• Monthly grocery allowance
• Monthly stipend for kids’ college funds
• Lots of lots of bragging rights

In case you were wondering, some lady who I’ve decided must be an online gamer (SIMS perhaps), has 1,500 votes. Are you going to let her win over me? Don’t answer that.

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