I’m currently having a stare down with a cookie cake. Trying. not. to. blink.

Happy Mother’s Day people! I hope you all got to sleep in, relax and eat cookie cake for breakfast. I did ☺.

I’m assuming that many of you received flowers in those cheap glass vases from the grocery store today. While I’m sure you smiled and said ‘thank you’, you were probably already planning on trashing the vase for one that wasn’t so fugly. Well hop and skip on over to Rough Fusion and order a pretty planter that you won’t want to toss along with your dead flowers.

And if you didn’t receive flowers today, like let’s say me for example, go ahead and buy some for yourself. After all, I (meaning you) really do deserve them for being so awesome, funny and pretty.

OK, I’m off to check on the cookie cake. You know, to make sure it’s safe and all.

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