I’m back at work for two hours and just realized my zipper has been down the entire time. Ahhh Monday.

This is why I choose to wear elastic as much as possible. Zippers are the devil.

Anyhoo, it’s good to get back into the swing of things back at http://www.topjacketsoutlet.ca
work, although getting out of the house this morning was somewhat of a challenge partially because I decided to carry 12 frosted cupcakes to celebrate my son’s best friend’s birthday. Note to self, chocolate frosting and white shirts don’t mix.

I’m now thinking I should of gone another route and filled these delicious looking cupcake jars from 12 Legs Curiosities.

They look delicious and won’t ruin shirts. PLUS, they are under $20, which makeswww.topjacketsoutlet.ca them perfect for Monday’s Stalking Stuffer!

Now I’m off to zip up my jeans because apparently keeping the zipper down has gone out of style. Rude.

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