I’m assuming you heard about the Snowpocalypse in Atlanta last week, right?

You know the one that made national news making our entire city look like complete idiots. People were stranded in their cars for hours, kids had to sleep at their schools and cars were abandoned all over the city. Well guess who was one of these lucky ones? Yep, yours truly.

I spent seven hours in my car and I only drove 20 miles. To be honest, the whole experience was hard to talk about for the first few days because I seriously think I was experiencing some sort of PTSD. After the seven hours, my car took a nice spin-aroo and we abandoned it. When we went back for it two days later, there was a truck in my car. So you can see how it wasn’t the best day. But now that I’m able to think about it again, I’d like to share what was going on inside of my head during those seven hours:

(1) What happens if you find yourself in an Alive situation and the only person to eat is yourself?

(2) I wonder if the dude in the car ahead of me has any extra diapers.

(3) I soiled myself (as did half of Atlanta). I don’t really think I need to go into more detail.

(4) I need to ration out one skittle per hour because that’s all I have to sustain myself.

(5) What is that man in the car ahead of me eating? Do you think he’ll share?

And now that I’ve been through a Snowpocalypse, this is how I plan stock my car in the future:

(1)  Pull-Ups or Depends

(2)  A change of clothes (ahem)

(3)  Sustainable snacks

(4) A Winter Lightning Sled

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