I’m a flower planting failure.

See these flowers? Yeah, I planted them less than two weeks ago and they’re already dead. Hey, it’s a gift.

I tried to mimic my neighbor’s mailbox flowers but for some reason hers are flourishing and mine are doing the opposite. I don’t understand because Home Depot’s commercials make it seem so easy. It’s like things get exaggerated in commercials or something.

I’m thinking I need to order these gorgeous planters from Clark Clan Creations and then pay someone to plant and maintain the flowers. Maybe my overachieving gardening neighbor.

Would it be cheesy to plant plastic flowers? It’s just an idea. And yes, I’m drunk.

4 thoughts on “I’m a flower planting failure.”

  • I saw go for plastic flowers. A friend of mine, who lives in a very prestigious neighborhood, covered his entire backyard in astroturf. Why not?

  • Your plant looks good, just cut the dead flowers at the end of their stem. Usually that will make them bloom more 🙂

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